STANDARD C-220 C-228

STANDARD C-220 C-228

Dieses Gerät ist in Europa extrem selten. In den USA ist es jedoch weit verbreitet. Es überstreicht die Frequenzbereiche 144MHz bis 148MHz und 220MHz. Es ist weitgehend baugleich mit dem STANDARD C-528 und C-628. Daher passen für das die NF- und Digitaleinheiten auch die technischen Unterlagen. Für weitere Informationen zum C-220 und C-228 nutzen Sie bitte die englische Übersetzung dieser Seite, zu erreichen über die englische Flagge auf dieser Seite.

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Comment-author: Steve
Comment-date: 2011-02-17 04:31
Comment: I need information on opening the case of a Standard C228A handheld.
I must replace the memory battery and, so far, have been stymied on getting the case open.
73, Steve

Comment-author: Matthias Tafelmeyer
Comment-date: 2011-03-13 09:32
Comment: Hi Steve,
just remove 2 screws on the backside and 4 screws on the bottom. Then you can open your C-228

Comment-author: Rob
Comment-date: 2011-04-17 08:52
Comment: Hi, I have a STANDARD C-228.
It has some bulbs in the display.
Some of the lcd segments in the display dont work. Can you help?

Comment-author: Matthias Tafelmeyer
Comment-date: 2011-04-17 09:53
Comment: Hi Rob,
the displays are a big.
Displays for C-228 portable are no longer available.
Everything else can be reworked.

Comment-author: Ray Wolfbrandt
Comment-date: 2011-05-30 02:43
Comment: Do you know the part number for the memory battery? and have you ever heard of a c228a going to transmit every time you turn the radio on? it stays in xmit all the time but i do know the memory battery is dead. thank you in advance for any help given! Ray Wolfbrandt WG6V

Comment-author: Matthias Tafelmeyer
Comment-date: 2011-05-30 08:26
Comment: Hi Ray,
backup-batteries for the C-220 and C-228 are still available. Please have a look in the accessoire- and spare-part list on this page.

Comment-author: Dale Dawson
Comment-date: 2011-06-03 01:22
Comment: I need the key pad and the knobs for volume and squelch

Comment-author: Matthias Tafelmeyer
Comment-date: 2011-06-03 10:14
Comment: Hi Dale,
keypad is no longer available but mostly you can refresh it by cleaning the backside and the gold-contacts on the board. For getting renewed knobs please have a look on the following link: tip to refresh your knobs

0 9 Dale Dawson 2011-06-12 15:00

Your cleaning procedures have been very helpful. I am working from the manual you have online and I noticed that 2 pages are missing 2-26, and 2-27 is it possible to post those?

0 10 Matthias Tafelmeyer 2011-06-19 15:53

Hi Dale,
it seems that those pages are lost forever.

0 11 C.J. Quintana 2011-10-14 01:48

Is it possible to repair/restore my Standard C228a to original condition? Problems:
1.Radio powers up, full function/display, no beeps or receive audio.

  1. Memory battery is dead.
  2. Antenna BNC connector is damaged.
  3. Rubberized control knobs are worn.
  4. Battery pack is missing.
    Any information would be appreciated.

0 12 Steve 2011-10-16 02:07

Sir, it is worth repairing. Good HT.

I recently replaced the memory battery in mine and brought it back to life. You may buy holders for coin cells from McMaster-Carr. They are cheap and sure beat struggling with soldering a new cell into place.

The BNC connector is easily replaced. Check and other suppliers of antenna/coax connectors and adapters. I like rfstuff as it ships by first class mail, not flat rate. Same speed of delivery at lower cost.

A new battery pack (NiMH and regular AA) is available from 2 or 3 companies in the US: Batteries America, Nicad Lady, among others.

The wear on the knobs? Perhaps, there is an electronics supply house in your region that carries a stock of knobs.

Last, you might ask N6AX if he will put the HT in order. John does fine work at reasonable prices. He is good in QRZ.


0 13 Bill Bennett 2011-12-01 00:44

I have a copy of the owners manual for the Standard C228A, copyrite 1990. It is complete with no missing pages. How can the information on the missing 2-26 and 2-27 pages be made available without dealing with the copyrite issue?


0 14 Ron 2012-01-30 13:07

I have a C228A and When I Xmit It Transmits a load squeel to the receiving station, a on both bands, sounds like a siren, I tried 2 batterys and the same, also wiggled everything and hit the radio on its side no change. is it worth reparing. Ron


0 15 Matthias Tafelmeyer 2012-01-31 06:20

Hi Ron,

It is always worth repairing a STANDARD.
Please have a look into our shop for service and refurbish of STANDARD C-220 and C-228

In our shop you will also find an info how to refurbish the knobs.

I am very interested in the missing pages you have. Could you scan them and send them as pdf-File?

regards to all

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