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On www.elkoba.com you will find almost all series of MeanWell power-supply.

ELKOBA e.K. (formerly known as HED-RADIO) is a well known retailer of most MeanWell power-supply series. We are at home in Germany near Nuremberg. Since 2007 we prvide power-supplies from MeanWell and other manufacturer. Our customers like our fast delivery and our big know-how. Because a power-supply is much more than a electronic part. The most critical part in electronic devices is the power-stage and the supply. We think that electronic devices must keep on running as long as possible (and even a bit longer). Then they will earn money and cause satisfaction to your customer. Only a working power supply is a good power-supply. On www.elkoba.com you will find DC-supplies from 3V to 48V and from 5W to 9.000W (9kW) output. We also offer a large range of DC-DC-Converter, charger and step-up or step-down-converter.

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ELKOBA is divided into two business-areas: At first the INDUSTRIAL-are for power-supplies, cables, wires and electronical parts. For second ELKOBA MEDICAL provides services and spare-parts for medical devices.
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