Welcome to the probably biggest website about hamradio classics from STANDARD RADIO CORP.

large collection on technical data, reports, pictures and service-tips about classic HAMRADIO-stuff of STANDARD RADIO CORPORATION. Read now more on handhelds, bases stations and mobiles.

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Please note: Our service for STANDARD radio is offline since Nov. 2016

We are sorry to tell you that our service for STANDARD RADIO classics is offline since the year 2016. We now concentrate our business on services and products for industrial and medical devcices.

update Nov 2016: We are proud to show you some new old documents found here on our website.

What is STANDARD RADIO Corp. and what is the theme of those webpages?

Origin promo-plate of STANDARD Radio Corporation.

Die folgenden Internetseiten befassen sich mit der Reparatur und Erhaltung der beliebten Hobbyfunkgeräte von “STANDARD”.

For single types of STANDARD radio please see navigation menue.

Diese “alten” Geräte werden nicht mehr produziert. Die ehemaligen Händler für “STANDARD” verfügen nur noch selten über Ersatzteile oder das Wissen aus der Zeit. Daher ist der Zugang zu technischen Informationen und Ersatzteilen schwierig. Hierbei hilft diese Internet-Seite zum Thema STANDARD Funktechnik – was in dieser Form im Internet einmalig ist.

HAMRADIO with equipment from STANDARD RADIO Corp.

During the 1990es more and more people rediscovered hamradio as a fullfilling hobby. In addition many radios from STANDARD RADIO got a new life.

Portable radios from STANDARD RADIO type C-528 and C-628.

What is the attraction on classic radios from STANDARD radio?

For this you need to remember the mood and the winds of change in Germany. During the beginning 1990 the cold war has endet. Germany was reunited and many people from eastern and western Germany took the chance to talk to each other. So hamradio got attractive to have chats over many kilometers People felt free to use the new chance. To drive or to walk wereever they wanted to go. Although equipment for hamradio was really expensive. The portable Duo-Bander STANDARD C-528 had cost about 1.000 Deutsche Mark. For a mobile STANDARD radio you had to spend around 2.000 Deutsche Mark. Many OMs and YLs where willing to spend a lot of money for new freedom and their hobbies. So today many hams connect a strong feeling with the rig and time centuries ago.

Another brick in the wall. And the time after

Was war sonst noch los? Funkverkehr über die ehemalige DDR-Grenze wurde damals noch von BND und Stasi überwacht. Die damaligen Montags-Demos in Leipzig hat man heimlich über Funk organisiert. Nix facebook! Eine spannende Zeit. “STANDARD” war ein Hersteller solcher Profi- und Hobbyfunkgeräte mit hohem Anspruch. Mitte der 90er Jahre wurde die Firma “STANDARD” verkauft und die Produktion der Geräte-Klassiker eingestellt. Was bleibt, ist die Erinnerung und der hohe nostalgische Wert der “STANDARD-Alt-Geräte”. Denn mit diesen “alten Kisten” verbinden viele lizenzierte Hobby-Funker persönliche Erinnerungen und Erfahrungen.

The need to preserve digital informations about STANDARD radio classics

Today we life in a time full of hectic. New and cheap rigs often doens't have lifetime of classic radio equipment. STANDARD radios are well known for high lifetime and good quility in transmitting and receiving. So there is still a high interest from hams all over the world to get informations about their STANDARDs. When you ask yourself how to repair and maintain your STANDARD radio you first will ask google. And now you are here on this homepage. Because here you still will find many informations, documents and pictures about classic STANDARD radio equipment. Enjoy and if you have docs, data or picture not listed here we will appreciate if you want to share them with hams all over the world. Contact us so we can publish more missing data about STANDARD radio on this webpage.

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