STANDARD C-5200 was released in the mid 198es. It is a mobile radio for 145Mc and 435Mc radio bands. The price for a new C-5200 was about 1.000DM ( about 600USD). At first sight this radio is pretty unspectacular. But STANDARD-fans know that this radio was a high-class radio in its time. Construction and design are in a robust and high quality. Usability of this radio is very easy. For displaying settings and current frequncies the STANDARD C-5200 uses a real VF-display. Keys have a backlight lighting for better usage in dark areas like midnight-shacks and cars. DTMF and CTCSS have been available as optional units. The C-5200 has two antenna-connectors. On this time this was usual on mobile bi-band radios because small-size duplexer for rf-power up to 50W haven't been available. So for using the C-5200 on a Bi-Band antenna you will need a duplexer vor 145Mc and 435Mc with max. 50W rf-rating and good selection. Maybe you think this is a disadvantage. But some radio-amateurs anyway use separete antennas for 145Mc and 435Mc to avoid compromises.

STANDARD C-5200 were produced in two editions

C-5200 E = max. 10W on 145Mc and 435Mc, depth 180mm
C-5200 ED, D = max. 50W on 145Mc and 40W on 435Mc, depth: 205mm

Repair and service for STANDARD C-5200

hit-list of most errors and problems on C-5200

  • 1) keys tight -> reason is rough rubber protection between frontpanel and keyboard -> exchange rubber and keys
  • 2) no transmission or low rf-output -> most reason are weak soldering joints -> resolder joints or exchange rf-units
  • 3) dark display -> mostly caused by broken DC-DC-converter for the VFD -> repair DC-Converter for display
  • 4) weak audio -> broken caps in af-unit -> renew caps and clean board from electrolyte
  • 5) VFO-knob loose -> just pull of cap and fasten screw of knob

note to 1) keys tight, mostly call-key and bandswitch

Zähe Tasten, die Ursache liegt hinter der Frontblende.

Explanasion: Behind the front-panel you will fidn display- keyboard. All keys are surrounded by rubber. During all the long years this rubber got weak and gluey. While keys have been pressed several hundred times the old rubber got into the keys. That is the reason why some of those keys will get tiht. If you want to solve this problem please replace the old keys and replace the rubber.

technische Daten

TX-range144-146MHz und 430-440MHz (erweiterbar)
Receiver range144-146MHz und 430-440MHz
ModeFM mit maximal +-5kHz Hub
Crossband oparationja
rf-outputE-Version maximal 10W auf 2m und 70cm
ED-Version maximal 50W auf 2m, 40W auf 70cm
Sensitivity Squelchca. 0,1µV
Voltage range input13,8V +-15%
Current consumption RX600mA
current consumption TXE-Version maximal 3,5A, E-Version maximal 10,5A
steps5, 10, 12,5, 25kHz
DTMFnur mit entpsrechendem Mike
Display illiminationimmer beleuchtet
CTCSSoptional mit Modul CTN5200
Measurement WxHxD150 x 50 x 205mm (bei E-Version 180mm)
antenna connectorPL für 2m, PL für 70cm, für Betrieb an einer Antenne Diplexer nötig
weightabt. 2kg
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OM Reinhard stellte am 10.08.2011 die Frage:
„Wie aktiviert man beim STANDARD C-5200 den Crossband-Betrieb?“

Möglichkeit 1:
Taste „SP“ drücken und gedrückt halten. Währenddessen 3 x „RMR“ drücken.
Aber – es wird nur der Träger aber keine Modulation durchgeschleift.
Warum? Wissen wir noch nicht.
Danke für die Info an Simone aus Italien

Möglichkeit 2:
Schalten Sie die Stromversorgung vom C-5200 aus. Entriegeln und entfernen Sie das vordere Bedienteil. Entfernen Sie die Schrauben vom oberen Deckel des STANDARD. Entfernen Sie die Schrauben der unteren Abdeckung des STANDARD C-5200. Entfernen Sie nun die obere und die untere Abdeckung. Entfernen Sie die silbernen Schrauben auf jeder Seite des Funkgerätes und die Bedienknöpfe des Bedienteils. Entfernen Sie jetzt die vordere Montageplatte. Suchen Sie den Jumper 17 und löten diesen aus. Anschließend bauen Sie Ihr STANDARD C-5200 wieder zusammen. Schalten Sie danach den Strom wieder ein. Um das C-5200 in den Crossband-Mode zu setzen, drücken Sie und halten Sie die RPT-Taste beim Einschalten des STANDARD.

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2 thoughts on “STANDARD C-5200

  1. I’ve notices that there is an AQS connector at the right side of the unit – Presumably this is for the Yaesu AWS system. My quesiton is: Can it be used for connection to the packed modem/TNC. If possible, is there pinout schematic of the AQS connector ?

    1. Hello Boris,
      by default there is no connector at left or right side on the case of STANDARD C5200. Maybe your mobile radio was modified. There are several radios with mods for 9k6 Packet Radio. For more details please visit or have a look on the shematic.
      Best regards

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