Spare-CPU for YAESU FT-757

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shortnotes YAESU FT-757

release GX-edition, about 1983
release GX-II edition, about 1987
Neupreis: ca. 2500 DM
Bereich: 1m0 bis 160m
Modes: SSB, CW, AM, FM
rf-power out, about 100W
weight about 5kg

A hamradio transceiver and his CPU

Story about developmend

Centrepiece of the YAESU FT-757 is a powerfull CPU.
Hard work during usage causes power dissiüation and heat. That is the reason of broken CPUs. Origin spare parts are no longer available. What can be done? Dumping the whole radio because of one broken part?

Year 2006
Daniel, VK2TRP said no and developed a replacement.
Link to first remake of FT-757 CPU.
So we wrote an email to him. He told us that he no longer is interested in this project.

Autumn 2008
Daniel gave his approval.
Klaus, DL8NAT copied this spare-part after.

Carlos, PU2VKS had a broken YAESU FT-757 as well. And we was ready for test.
After installing the sparepart his radio worked again.
But the remake had some small errors in the features.

Autum 2009
Klaus was not satisfied with the errors. He started writing a new software.
But how should we know how about all features and software a working FT-757 needs?
After Rolf, DL7GO died we bought his TRX for further research.

SUCCESS! During the years 2010 to 2012 some spare-parts were manufactured handmade. Several OMs and YLs worldwide were able to repair their FT-757 with this CPU and got the rig back on frequency. This sparepart is no longer available. Only a youtube video remains of the success after replacing the YAESU FT-757 with the FT-757 spare.

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