Full name of this radio company is STANDARD RADIO CORPORATION.

Portfolio of SRC:
In earlier days SRC manufactured radios for nautic and hamradio. Today SRC mostly builds radios for ships and maritime.

Development history of STANDARD RADIO CORPORATION:
STANDARD RADIO CORPORATION and Marantz started a joint venture.
Marantz displaced some parts of production to Japan.
1975 STANDARD RADIO CORPORATION renamed to Marantz Japan Inc.

In the picture you see a Standard C-528 in beautiful shape.

Especially between the years 1980 to 1996 STANDARD RADIO has produced several simple, robust and easy to use hamradio-equipemnt.
As an example there are to highlight the mobile radio C-5200 or the portables C-500 and C-528. Both radios are very long lasting and widespread. In relation to other radios they are straight to repair. Manual and documentation are very detailed. Some mechanical parts are hard to get and sold out. But often there is a second chance on ham fairs or private markets. With a little luck you can make a collectible out of your STANDARD.

Hamradio mobile type C-5718 from STANDARD RADIO CORPORATION.

Up from 1996 STANDARD manufactured high quality hamradio equipment. The rigs got smaller, more complex and even more expensive. As well the got more complicate to maintain and to repair. In the same time other companies started to produce midpriced and lowpriced mobile and portable radios for hamradio. Maybe this was one of the reasons why STANDARD RADIO CORPORATION was sold to YAESU aroud the year 2000.

Between the years 1998 and 2000 STANDARD RADIO Corporation was sold to YAESU.

Today STANDARD produces radios for nautic and maritime use. In the United States some hamradio equipment still has a STANDARD logo on its surface. For example the STANDARD FTM-10. But inside it is a YAESU FTM-10. The great time of STANDARD RADIO for hamradio has passed.

STANDARD now is active in manufacturing radios for ships and boats. Here customers are still willing to spend good money in reliable and robust radios.

These days it is hard to find radios easy to use and to maintaine. Today the C-528 has become a legend. This radio and many others from STANDARD RADIO CORPORATION more and more become collectible items.

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