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History and prices of STANDARD C-510

The STANDARD C-510 was released on market in 1997. It was one of the smallest radios at this time with a very powerfull receiver after modding. As well es portable-radios before the C-510 was a extremely efficient radio with low current consumption. The slogan of the C-510 on the marketing-brochures was: "A full featured Vest pocket-radio hand-held... with all features you'll ever need or want."

Repair and Service for STANDARD C-510

At the moment we don't provide service and repair for the C-510. Spare parts are not available.

technical details

range transmitter 144Mc to 146Mc and 430Mc to 440Mc
(extendable to 115Mc-170Mc and 420-460Mc)
range receiving normally 144Mc to 146Mc (148Mc US-type)
and 430Mc to 440Mc (450Mc US-type)
115Mc to 170Mc ( with extension mod )
340Mc to 390Mc ( with extension mod )
420Mc to 460Mc ( with extension mod )
720Mc to 800Mc ( with extension mod )
850Mc to 860Mc ( with extension mod )
890Mc to 950Mc ( with extension mod )
Mode TX: FM max. dev. +-5kHz; RX: FM and AM
Crossband we don't know

max. 1W at 8,4V supply,
extendable with opt. booster CPB510 to 50W/2m; 35W/70cm

power-steps 2 for low and high
sensitivity SQL ca. 0,2µV
supply voltage DC 3,3V to 8,5V
normally 4,5V with three batteries
current consumption in rx-mode 70mA; in Power-Safe-Mode only 12mA
current consumption in tx-mode max. 0,95A at full rf-out, 0,4A at low-power out
af-out 100mW at 8Ohm
steps 5, 10, 12,5, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50kHz
tone-call yes, 1750Hz
DTMF yes, on board
Display illuminateable sorry - no infos at the moment
CTCSS yes, on board
meassure 60mm x 105mm x 27mm
backside chassie metall
frontside chassie plastic
antenna connector SMA
connector mike jack 3,5mm and 2,5mm
suppliable by external DC-source yes, jack on the side
weight abt. 200g


Accessoires for STANDARD C-508

STANDARD item-nr. name available
CAW576 12V DC power-cord no longer available
CHP111 HeadSet no longer available
CHP150 VOX mike no longer available
CLC520 SoftCase for C-510 no longer available
CMA510 mobile-adapter no longer available
CMB600 helmet-clip for CHP150 no longer available
CMP111 speaker-mike no longer available
CMP113 tie-pin mike no longer available
CMP115 speaker-mike no longer available
CMP123 ear-speaker-mike no longer available
CMP127 mike with remote-control no longer available
CNB510 battery-pack no longer available
CSA510 battery-charger no longer available
CSK15 speaker no longer available

Manual, shematic and other downloads for C-510

service-manual for STANDARD C-510,
large file, abt. 14MB

Frequently asked questions about STANDARD C-510

How to extend rx- and tx-range? Remove RD90 (SMD-part near CPU)

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