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Last Update: 14 June 2015

Welcome to Europes largest site about STANDARD RADIO.
Find here pictures, technicals details, manuals and service-tips about classic STANDARD RADIOS. Please choose your radio in the navigation on the left.


In 1966 the Japanese Standard Radio Corp. and the US-american companies Marantz have started a feature.

In 1975 renaming from Standard Radio Corp to Marantz Japan Inc.

In the 1980es STANDARD / Marantz have manufactured the most legendary STANDARD RADIOS, like C-500, C-5200, C-55 and C-528.

Up from 1996 STANDARD RADIOs got more and more special featers and got more and more expensive while other manufactures started to build low-price-radios.

In 1998 STANDARD was bought by YAESU.

Later YAESU was bought by MOTOROLA and released again after some years. Today STANDARD is still active in manufacturing radios as "VERTEX STANDARD". But only for maritime and commercial. Some modern radios still wear a STANDARD label. But those "STANDARD"-radios are just YAESU-types with another label like the YAESU FTM-10 = STANDARD FTM-10.

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This web-page consits of many years of research, experience and last but not least many emails and letters from classiv STANDARD-RADIO fans all over the world. So many, many thanks for all OMs and YLs sending service-manuals, photos and tipps about classic STANDARD RADIOs.

During the last years more and more OMs get interested in the "old" STANDARD radios. Some of them even make a trial trying to get one of each STANDARD radio like getting a contact to every country on WAC-contest. But oldtimer need regular care and sometimes even service. That is why this web-page exists. If you own a manual for service or use or if you have pictures or data missing on this page please let me know. You will help many OMs still looking for missing informations about classic STANDARD RADIO.

Picture of many STANDARD radios for HAMRADIO

What makes classic STANDARD RADIOS so special?
Most OMs owned those radios when they were young. I know many OMs whose first radio was a STANDARD C-528 or C-500. I am sure you can imagine STANDARD RADIOS will remind them on a passed time having a lot of fun and a lot of nive QSOs. Newadays especially young OMs get also interested in classic STANDARD radio. But they need more information about function, data and repairs the reactivade the STANDARDs again.