What is ELKOBA?

This company was founded in 2007 by Matthias Tafelmeyer.
In the beginning he only provided service and repair for classic hamradio-portable.
Those service and its quality became well known and many people asked for this service. In 2014 Matthias renamed his company to ELKOBA.

During the last years Matthias got much know-how in power-supplies and electricals security.
So he expanded his range of products of power-supplies and technical service.
More than 1.000 different items are available.
Our team also offers technical checks of electrical equipment in factories, warehouses, medical centers and offices.

In 2014 Matthias renamed his business to "ELKOBA e.K."
ELKOBA means "ELectronic COmponents BAvaria" (in German the "C" is written as "K").
But what does the suffix "e.K." mean?
The answer is simple. It is a special type of legal status.
In comprehension to a "limited", "UG" or "GmbH" a "e.K." does not have a of limiitation of liability.
That means that we take full response to all our products and services without limitations.

"e.K."-companies belong to the most reliable company-types in Germany.
And that is what we want to be: Your reliable partner in electronic components and services.

The brand name "HED-RADIO" will be continued in our house as a sub-project of "ELKOBA e.K."